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UPDATE!  February 28, 2004

Sorry I haven?t updated the site for awhile. Cooper seems to get all the attention around here! Cooper had his 2 month checkup last week.  He also got his dreaded SHOTS! Cooper weighed in at 12 pound 15 ounces and is now 24 and a half inches in length.  He smiles all the time and loves visitors to hold him!  Click below for updated pictures of Cooper!  CLICK HERE FOR NEW COOPER PICTURES!



Cooper At 5 Weeks!






UPDATE!  January 15, 2005

Sorry I am late updating Cooper?s website, but as most of you know....A NEWBORN BABY IS HARD WORK! Cooper loves to eat and be wide awake at midnight. Mom is learning how to function without deep sleep. Best part of all of this is simply having Cooper.  Jacki and I are so happy to have him and love sharing pictures with you guys.  Cooper had a cold last week, but seems to have gotten over it.  He has his doctor appointment in about 9 days.  I?ll update more Cooper pics often so check back!


IT?S A BOY!!!!!




December 19, 2004  9:50 AM  8 Pounds 11 Ounces   20 Inches


Cooper Rick Wasinger surprised us today. He didn?t want to wait for tomorrow. He decided to come a day early today at 9:50 AM! Jacki?s doing great, Cooper?s doing great!  We are both very excited and can?t wait to show him to all of you.  I have put 2 pictures of Cooper below.  One without his hairdo and the 2nd with his hair! I?ll add alot more when I have time in the coming days!






November 24, 2004

I have added pictures of Jacki at 34 weeks and pictures of Jacki?s 3 showers for you all to see.  I also added a new poll since the big day is getting closer.  Enjoy!

Jacki has started her weekly doctor visits with just 4 weeks to go before the big day. We had another sonogram today and got to see Baby Was once again. The baby is currently 6 POUNDS 11 OUNCES! The nurse predicted Baby Was will be close to 9 pounds by December 20. Jacki is right on track with her weight gain and everything went well at her doctor visit. She?s suffering from a cold, but being a teacher too, she should be use to that. Her next office visit is next week.  I?ll keep you updated as we have less than one month to go!


November 8, 2004

Sorry I?m a little late getting you all an update. Jacki keeps me busy around the house. Some of the highlights from the past month include:  We spent a night in the hospital when Jacki had the flu.  She got dehydrated and needed to get fluids.  What a long night for both of us.   She came out of it GREAT! I also have added another page of pictures of how Jacki looks at 31 and 32 weeks. You can see them by clicking on ?Jacki 6? on the side of the page.

We had another doctor visit today. She has gained ONE WHOLE POUND since her last visit!  The baby is kicking up a storm and slowly but surely getting ready for the big moment!  We made the day and time official today as to when Jacki will have the baby. It is now set for December 20, 2004 at 7: 30 AM!  One day sooner then we had earlier projected! We both can?t wait!  She has another appointment in 2 weeks and then she has weekly visits. I?ll keep you updated!


October 13, 2004

It?s been about a month since we last updated. Not much had been going on with Jacki other than backpain, allergies and interesting snoring noises while she sleeps.  Thankfully I have been booted from the bed and couch. It is LOUD!  The baby has also been getting alot of exercise kicking around in there! We went back to the doctor today and time is definitely getting short!  Jacki refuses to say her weight, but I was able to find out she gained 10 pounds since her last visit in October.

We also got to see the baby again as we had a sonogram today. With a bunch of tissues in her hand, Jacki and I saw our little boy or girl today and everything looked great! He or she weighs 3.88 pounds and keeps getting bigger and bigger. He or she has switched upside down, which I guess is good. During the sonogram, we saw a TON of hair on the baby! I guess the baby will have a head full of hair upon arrival!

Jacki also had her glucose test for gestational diabetes today.  We will find out those results in a day or two. Jacki is starting her 2 week visits so expect many more updates in the coming days!  Her next visit is October 27.


September 13, 2004

Today Jacki and I went to the doctor.  It was just a routine visit.  She has gained 11 pounds since it all began about 6 months ago!  The doctor confirmed that we can have the baby on December 21.  That is a Tuesday, which is the day the doctor is in surgery.  We could also elect to have the baby one week later on December 28.  Unless something changes, December 21 will be the day! Jacki is now in the middle of week 25. It is getting closer and closer! We can?t wait!  Jacki is doing great. She has basicly booted me out of the bed and can?t stop sneezing from allergies.  Hopefully that will stop soon.  Next visit to the doctor is October 13.  3rd trimester here we come! We?ll update soon!


August 30, 2004

Hello everyone!  You will notice alot of blue and pink throughout the website. We are going to wait to find out what the baby?s sex is. If you are as excited as we are to find out, check back here on December 21, 2004!

Jacki will be starting week 24 of her pregnancy this Saturday. It seems to be going so fast. Jacki has been dealing with carpal tunnel syndrome recently. She wears braces on her arms to control the swelling, which seems to help.

We go back to the doctor on September 13.